Try the new Intermittent Anti-Inflammatory Keto Vegan Paleo Low Fat Cycling Diet!


Just kidding. It doesn’t exist, and neither does any other diet, really. When we talk about diets, especially any fad diet (Keto, Atkins, Low Fat, South Beach, Carnivore, Vertical, Gluten-Free, Zone, Whole 30, Cleanse, Blood Type, etc. the list goes on and on and on) essentially what we are talking about is a system of beliefs. People become so wrapped up in the community that is the diets that they almost become a religion, some big proponents of them becoming zealots and abandoning all sense of why the diet worked in the first place.

The truth of the matter is that there is truly one reason diets work in the first place, and that is Caloric Deficit (burning more calories than you consume. That is the reason all of these diets work. Let’s take Keto for example because it is pretty popular.

On Keto, the claim is that your body gets into a state of ketosis and starts to convert fat into energy via the creation of ketones in the liver. While this is a real phenomenon that occurs, the reason you are losing weight on Keto isn’t because you are simply not eating carbs, but that it is very very difficult to eat enough for you to gain or maintain weight while avoiding an entire macronutrient.

The same is true for any diet really. And this does not mean that any of them are bad, but that they are all actually essentially the same. At the same time, you could eat Taco Bell for every meal, and still lose weight (I don’t recommend this) given that it is eaten in the correct proportions.

The big takeaway here is that none of them are inherently better, better for you, or going to get you the results you wish any faster than another, they just aren’t. If you are a person that needs rules and thrives on that, then pick one, see if it works for you, and stick to it if it does, and ditch it if it doesn’t. Some are more sustainable than others and can be continued for years on end and will yield better results due to consistency.

Overall, our ultimate goal is to be able to eat a healthy diet that gets us to our physical and aesthetic goals consistently, makes us feel good, makes us happy, and is sustainable.

So go experiment, pick one for 8 weeks, and stick to it to a T. See what happens, but if you find it doesn’t work, don’t stress and don’t get frustrated, it possibly just did not fit your lifestyle, budget, or taste.