Our Philosophy

VOLTA is the point of change. We have decided that the status quo will no longer suffice, and so have you. We are not a gym. We are the movement for growth. We offer leadership and support to those looking to improve their life through fitness, community, and education. We offer these through group classes to all levels of athletes, and a space for private coaches and trainers looking to build their brand and develop their fitness philosophy.

We support bringing a healthier way of life to our community. Our aim is to get you into a training program that will directly transfer to real-life activities. Help make you stronger, move better, and be more confident to be your best self and to thrive in life and physical activities. Providing full-body workouts, focus on training endurance, strength, and power.


Volta is more than a gym or studio. It’s a place where athletes can find fitness after sport or adults can train in an athletic way in a high-energy highly supported community utilizing quality equipment and a well maintained facility.


Volta will provide highly skilled, capable, experienced class instructors and personal trainers. Our entire Volta team is positioned to inspire and support each to reach their fitness and nutritional goals.


Our passion and drive is contagious. We strive to inspire and be inspired by our community. We aim to uplift and to motivate.


Our mission is to elevate the power of your body and mind to be your best. We aim to advance the pursuit of athletic achievement through functional movements, strength training and conditioning.